Belly Bongos


  • 52 x 7min 2D

Belly Bongos is set in Drumbledom, a fantastical island in the middle of the Tambourine Sea. The island is made up of 8 smaller islands, each of which has a unique environment and inhabitants. On the central island under the Tambourine Tree live 3 musical monsters called The Belly Bongos. They are jolly creatures who love to discover things about the world around them through sound and music, their inquisitive natures acting as a catalyst for discovery in the real world.


The cartoon follows their adventures as they learn about the world, experiencing basic concepts like hunger, rain, sunlight, reflections and echoes and try to understand these simple ideas.

With the help of their friends, Bingo the tortoise, Petra Parrot, Bally Hoo the Hippo and the many colourful creatures of their island home, they learn about the world around them.