Invasion of the Moofaloo


  • 52 x 11min 2D


Three genetically modified, rocket powered sheep (Captain Flossy, Byron & Telisa) fight to protect the world from the MooFaLoo, a race of alien monk cows who conquer planets in giant duck shaped battleships.


In a sleepy village surrounded by tranquil lakes and rolling hills the inhabitants of Devonly-On-Sheer were not really prepared to be the frontline in the first invasion of the planet Earth by an alien race.


Then again, the aliens weren’t really prepared for fighting Devonly-On-Sheerians. It all started on a damp October night (in/near Bristol), when Prince Moolang of the Imperial MooFaLoo battle fleet launched his secret invasion squad.


The invaders crept through the darkness, kidnapped three of the locals, and whisked them back to their ship. There the prince (a bit of a scientific geni … uh, scientific experimenter) performed some rather radical surgery on the subjects so he could use them to conquer the planet – turning them into the first of many obedient warriors in his fighting force.


But the prince had never encountered Earthlings before … In fact he had no idea what Earthlings looked like. So how could he have known that these “clouds with legs” were not the dominant species on this planet? And how could he have foreseen that attaching rockets would turn two sheep and a goat into his worst nightmare? Perhaps if he’d been a bit more intelligent he could have – but then we wouldn’t have created…